Be kind to your body and soul.

As a species, humans have subjected themselves to harsh criticisms for as long as we can remember.  Societal standards are amongst the many things that we as a society break our backs for,  in a vigorous attempt to “fit the mould” that’s set out by those around us.   Especially at this day in age where the status and “happiness” of others are put on the highest platform for all to see via social media, some days it becomes harder and harder to appreciate what you have; especially when it doesn’t fit neatly into that mould.

And this needs to end.

Personally, I know how hard it is to take everything you see online with a grain of salt; after all, people are prone to post about their best days and stay silent about their worst.  Everybody is so caught up in having their image stamped as a “bright, good-looking achievement” in order to not seem weak or self-conscious.  And by doing so, it’s negatively affecting how we all look at ourselves.

So, be kind to yourself.

Realize that it’s physically impossible to be happy every waking second of every waking day.

Realize that people can’t always look perfect; good lighting, editing, and taking a million pictures to get the “perfect one”… we’ve all done it.  But the reality is, everybody has bad skin days.   Everyone has days when they don’t feel good about themselves, or when they don’t like an attribute about their physical appearance – the point of their nose, the shape of their hips, their stretch marks.  But take a breath,  you’re only human!  Everybody is different, and you don’t have to fit this mould that society has lined out for you.  Simply, be… and know that you are unique and beautiful.

Realize that the key to happiness lies within yourself.  It sounds cliche, but it’s a pivotal point that we all must come to terms with.  You decide your reactions, how you go forward, and ultimately with how you choose to grow from each budding situation.  It’s hard to do; emotions can sometimes run ramped and certain situations can look bleak.  But trust me, it will all be okay in the end – after all, you’ve got you!

So, be kind to yourself.  Our biggest critics are often ourselves; and it’s something that’s hard to challenge and change, let alone accept.  Let love in when you need it, eat that damn chocolate chip cookie if you want it, wear that rockin’ dress you’ve always been too nervous to break out of the back of your closet… because while we’re each our own biggest critics, we also have the ability to each be our own biggest fan.  So break out that styrofoam finger my friend, and be kind to yourself – you deserve that much!


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