10 Places to Experience in Guelph, Ontario

After living in Guelph, Ontario for four years during my undergrad, it’s definitely nestled itself a place in my heart forever.  That being said, Guelph is exploding with things to do and experience all year ’round both in and outdoors.  I’ve compiled some of my favourite things to do and see in Guelph for you guys, in no particular order.

 Go Kayaking on Speed River.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
In the summer,  is there really anything better than enjoying picturesque scenery followed by ice cream?  If your answer is no, then I’m sorry but we cannot see each other anymore.  The Boathouse is a cutesy little restaurant and ice cream parlour (in the summer) that offers High Tea and lunch options, as well as kayak or canoe rentals in the summer months.  Super cute for a first date, or a family day activity.

Have high tea at The Boathouse.

Located right on the river.  Perfect for that picturesque lunch date you were thinking of!

Eat at Earth to Table Bread Bar.
So. Delicious.  You can hit up their menu, here: Earth To Table Bread Bar.

Pick pumpkins and make your way through the enormous corn maze at Strom’s Farm in the fall.
Strom’s is the cutest little farm that offers harvest-festivalesque activities during the fall months.  From pumpkin picking, to their wondrous corn maze and delicious apple cider – Strom’s is always a fun day out with plenty of photo ops.

Experience a UOG Homecoming.

Ah, homecoming.  Every student dreams about this day all year, and has been noted as “student christmas”.  From dressing up, wearing full body paint,  to cheering on your team and heading downtown to Frank’s after; HOCO is always a great time filled with crazy memories you talk about years later.

 Have a beer on the Grad Lounge patio overlooking campus.
Love the vibes of this little spot.  Located at the top of the University of Guelph UC, just take the elevator up and find yourself in this little nook that offers bevvy’s and yummy pub fare.  The patio fills up quick if the weather is nice, so get there early on a nice day if you want a seat outside.
img_1476Get your jump on at AirU.
You know those days when you want to get out of the house and do something, but you don’t know what?  AirU was a blast and definitely fun for all ages.  However, be ready for there to be lots of kiddies on the weekends!






Take a walk through the UOG Arboretum.

The Arboretum is a truly beautiful place filled with wildlife, trails, gardens, sculptures, fountains and more.  It’s the perfect place for a stressed student (or a stressed out human in general) or someone who’s looking to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Click here to see a video on the Arboretum.

Walk around the University of Guelph Campus and have a Bob’s Dog.

Bob is loved by all and YOU NEED TO MEET HIM.

Rub the Gryphon’s beak.
He’s sitting on a book… can he get any cuter?





Paint up a storm at Play With Clay.

Super friendly atmosphere with great staff and tunes!  Located in the heart of downtown with lots to choose from.  Definitely makes for a fun afternoon.

Overall, there are so many great spots to choose from in Guelph (clearly, because I couldn’t even settle with only ten!).  Guelph is a great city with so much to offer, and has a friendly, at-home atmosphere fully captured by the picturesque “university town” aura that surrounds it.  Whether you’re there for a day, a weekend, or considering moving to this city – I guarantee that there’s a little something for everybody to enjoy in this location.


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