Why Travelling to Iceland Should Be On Your Bucket List

In my opinion, Iceland is one of the most underrated places to visit at this day in age.  And I must admit that it wasn’t at the top of my travel bucket list either, until I had experienced it myself. However, my opinions changed drastically upon stepping on Icelandic soil.

Iceland is a true hidden gem if you’re looking for unique things to do that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Despite being called “Iceland” the weather when we attended (Late June to Early July) mirrored that of Canadian Fall weather, and I never needed or utilized my winter jacket once.  Immaculate scenery and views really do capture you right away, and I often felt like I was in the middle of a Lord of The Rings film!  Here are some things that I experienced in Iceland, as well as some that I would like to encounter in the future (because I will DEFINITELY be returning!) to show you why Iceland should definitely make its way onto your travel bucket list.

  1.  Blue Lagoon (natural hot springs).
    * Absolutely beautiful!  Very relaxing and you also have the opportunity to soak your face and body in a mud mask while enjoying a drink (or two).
  2. Hike a mountain.
    * An absolute must.  One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was climbing a mountain for 2 hours, and finally getting to see that magical view from the top!
  3. See a glacier.
  4. Go up to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja.
  5. Experience a geyser in the Golden Circle.
  6. Trot down to Gullfoss & enjoy lamb soup at the cafe afterwards.
    * Rated one of the top places to see in Iceland.  You must walk down a set of stairs to get up close to Gullfoss, but it’s beyond worth it.  Bring a waterproof jacket and shoes/clothing that can get wet!
  7. Sleep in the middle of the mountains.
  8. Experience wild horses.
  9. Shop in the city center of Reykjavik. 
  10. Snap pictures of a volcano, or do a volcano tour.
    * With over 130 active and “extinct” volcanoes, it’s quite easy to locate one!
  11. Witness the beauty of the numerous picturesque waterfalls.
  12. Try the local fare
    * Shark, lamb, and surprisingly – hot dogs!
  13. 24 Hour Daylight (in the summer).
    * Never fear, everywhere we stayed had black out curtains for this exact reason.
  14. Scuba Dive between tectonic plates.
  15. Horseback ride in the country.
  16.  Go whale & puffin watching. 

For any recommendations, insights, or to tell me about your experience – feel free to comment below!


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